March 7, 2016

Gilmore Girls Revival Revealed

Kate is on spring break this week and she and I have a few bookish activities planned, like hanging out in the bookstore just reading and writing the day away. A very Rory Gilmore thing to do, in fact. She and I would watch GG reruns when she started high school. I was a fair-weather fan when I first tuned in, while she was devoted from day one. During her senior year in high school, her school day ended at 10:30 and that's when our daily ritual of sneaking in an episode or two a day started. 

With the return of GG on Netflix (both the previous seasons and a brand new one on the way) her love affair has started all over again. And I have followed. Now I know why I kept seeing various quotes ("How many cups of coffee have you had today?", "None.", "Plus?", "Five, but yours is better.") and articles about the show plastered online. Kate clued me in that GG will begin all over again on Netflix with (nearly) the entire cast in tow later this year. (With The Good Wife coming to an end very soon, I'm very happy Matthew Czuchry is reprising his role.) 

Kate's affection for the show has more to do with the fictitious town of Stars Hollow itself. You'd think she'd be attracted to city living after growing up in a small town herself, but she loves the community feel and the relationship between all of the characters, and especially the charm of the quaint town.

I love the mother/daughter dynamic between Lorelai and Rory. It always left you wondering if it was possible for a mother and her teenage daughter to not only get along, but be best friends. As the mother of two daughters, all I can say is, it is indeed possible. The line between being a mother and a friend can get a little blurred. It's a constant balancing act. Let's see where this mother and daughter end up.

Stars Hollow is indeed its own character, as were the shops and homes we got a glimpse of. Will there be a Starbucks on the corner instead of Luke's Diner? Will the cozy, eclectic Gilmore home still be filled with flea market finds? I guess I'm not the only one wondering. Although I agree with some of the set updates Domino Magazine came up with for 2016 showlike this version of Lorelai's living room pictured above—I still love the interiors of the Dragonfly Inn, especially the kitchen. Call me old-fashioned, but 90s decor still does it for me. What do you think?

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