August 14, 2013

Black and Brown

When it comes to design, whether it's interiors or fashion, I believe in breaking a few rules. In fact, I encourage it. So when you find something you love, something that works for you, go for it.

A fashion no-no? Not at all. I've always loved combining black and brown (Gray and brown, too for that matter). To say there is a lot of black in my wardrobe would be an understatement. I love neutral pieces that I can dress up with colorful accessories and lots of texture and layers. So this fall, I will snub the naysayers once again and combine colors, styles and textures that speak to me and represent my own personal style. And if you love brown and black as well, check out my Pinterest board, Classic Combinations and a few other photos of lovers of black and brown here.

Fashion Inspiration

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Anonymous said...

LOVE black and brown!