October 24, 2016

A Dream Within a Dream

Just because I no longer decorate for a living, doesn't mean I've stopped decorating. And the holidays are the perfect time for me to have a little fun and scratch that creative itch. As with Halloween's past, I have pulled together whatever I can find in my home to come up with something fun, spooky, and (to some) a few over the top bits and bobs. Can you figure out what this year's theme is? Hint: The title of the post is a clue. "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

He is hard at work researching new material for his latest prose. Days and nights are spent pouring over books of the masters before him. How will he top his best work? Perhaps the intricacies of the human bone might unearth a bit of inspiration. The mysteries of the body enrapture his mind, muddled only by the glass of whiskey he keeps close by. A detective novel may be in the making... Have I given away too much?

His most famous work is a constant reminder of his success, ode partially to Dickens chatty and intensely amusing bird he'd met on more than one occasion. His tales of mystery and macabre keep him sane. Or do they? Be still my beating heart!

Edgar Allen Poe was a writer, poet, and literary critique who dabbled on the dark side of the mind. The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart are probably his two best known works.

Inspired by the seasonand my love of booksI created a library table in Mr. Poe's honor. And as I wrote earlier, I rework my decorations and found objects throughout my home each and every Halloween. See the details here.

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Anonymous said...

I love your Halloween decorations! But I love your stories more. I didn't get who it was initially, but when I kept reading, I did. Poe is an interesting fellow! I think he would have liked your "library".


Kimberly Merritt said...

Still a kid at heart!