May 1, 2009


I met my best friend when I was 22 years old. I was out looking for a job when I happened upon a store that was on my list of places to stop, but not in my plans. And that’s how it all started – a new job and a new best friend all in one day.

You’d know who we were if you walked down Newbury Street from 1988-1990, and saw two girls strolling arm in arm with big fat grins on their faces. Or you may have seen them devouring two big plates of pasta at Cantina Italiana in the North End. (Oh - how we could eat!)

We look a little different today. She is still as svelte as she was back then, but she’s traded her brunette tresses in for blond. I’m not nearly as svelte as I once was, but the hair is still the same reddish brown – give or take a few grays here and there.

She introduced me to tea, hummus, and the vegetarian diet. I introduced her to mud pies, Halloween parties, and ninja turtles, courtesy of my son. I sang at her wedding and she became godmother to my oldest daughter.

It’s hard to believe that more than twenty years, five kids and two husbands later – we’re still in this together. I don’t see her face nearly as much as I’d like, (one of us moved out of state – me), or talk to her as often as I think of her, but I know she’s there.

In the distant future you will see us rocking on a long, wide porch reminiscing about our lives and the wonderful memories we’ve shared.

She is my biggest cheerleader and the best buddy a girl could ever want. Happy May Jacq.


Jacqueline said...

Such a beautiful post and it made me miss my bffs! Thank you for sharing your bff story with us! It's my forst time here and i really like your cozy little space! Hope you had a good weekend!

Beautiful Living said...

Thank you Jacqueline. I'm glad it made you think of your friends. Please stop back.

Have a great week!