October 6, 2009

Get This Look for Less

This beautiful room is actually the lounge at Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport Maine. Inspired by this room’s fall palette, I went searching for some less expensive finds. Before I unveil the goodies, here are some tips to get this “designer” look for less.
  • The bi-fold screen can be made on the cheap by simply adding bullnose molding to inexpensive hollow core doors. Once the molding is attached, caulk the edges and then paint the doors an off-white. When dry, paint all of the molding antique gold and then brush the entire surface with antiquing glaze. (It’s a bit of a project, but it’s worth the effort.)
  • The birch log lamp from Jamie Young is a tad on the pricey side. If you’re the proud owner of fallen birch trees, you can drill a hole right through the middle and then thread a lamp kit through the trunk. If you don’t have a drill that can do the job, you can section the tree into thirds and glue it back together once the lamp kit has been installed. Secure the tree with a sturdy base and top with a cream shade. (There are two birch log floor lamps in the room not pictured in the photo above.)
  • Embellish a simple wood mirror with crown molding stained or painted to match. Attach the mirror to the wall, then attach the crown molding over top.
  • There are many resources for upholstered ottomans such as Ballard Designs and Calico Corners that allow you to “custom” upholster to your hearts content. Better still, find an ottoman at your local consignment shop and have a custom slipcover made in the fabric of your choice. Just be sure to save extra to cover a pillow or two for the chairs.

Mirror and Picture : Home Decorators, Tray: Ballard Designs
Chair: Home Decorators, Sconce: Lighting by Gregory, Lamp: Lamps Plus, Garden Stool: Home Deco Direct


Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

It is always so satisfying to create a room with a designer feel without the price tag! Congrats, it seems as if you have this talent down to a tee.

Beautiful Living said...

Thanks Jen. Why not do it for less? Good design doesn't have to be expensive.