May 6, 2010

It's a Tough Job

But somebody's got to do it. Seriously, I love what I do. Every day there is something new and exciting waiting to happen. But it’s not for the weak and timid.

When I first opened my business, I had visions of driving around in my vintage car and arriving at my clients homes in style. After all, isn’t interior design supposed to be a glamorous job?

But the reality is that some days I’m covered in dust, my hair is pulled back into a messy knot, and my denim shirt acts as my washcloth as I primp and pretty the space. I’m usually wielding my hammer as I balance a piece of art in one hand all while trying to keep from swallowing the picture hanger dangling from my mouth. An absolute picture of glamour, wouldn’t you agree?

I get a kick out of seeing my male clients look at me with surprise as I push and pull, lift and tuck. Hey buddy, I move FURNITURE for a living, outta my way! Never mind the furniture; just lifting out the various bags from my car requires extra muscle. I may not have a band of assistants following me around, but I do arrive with a lot of baggage.

I have several totes filled with everything a design diva needs: a picture hanging kit and tool box, several measuring tapes, a digital camera, lots of paper and pencils, and other assorted goodies to see me through the day. I’m usually armed with flowers and candles so the room looks absolutely beautiful before I leave, and depending on the client (and the job), there may even be a gourmet lunch chilling in the cooler on the final day of installation.

The 'final day' is a celebration of all of our efforts – mine and my clients. It’s the day I get to pull it all together and watch their faces light up with joy. THIS is the day that makes it all worthwhile.

When all is said and done, we hug, we toast, and I leave them to enjoy their home. Then it’s on to the next job and the wonderful process starts all over again!