August 9, 2010

Scenes From the Cape {Series}: Colors of the Night

We were lucky enough to catch this beautiful sunset one night and I took oodles of pictures. Once again, this photo was taken on the bay side of the Cape at a beach not too far from where we stay. We joined friends as they prepared a nice cozy fire right in the sand, and then we all settled in to watch the sea slowly swallow the sun.

I was amazed at all of the colors I captured with each and every frame. The sun looked blazing hot as it tried with all of its might not to fall into the clear, cool water. This is just another example that proves nature leads the way - you can mix different hues and temperatures with ease.

Here's my interpretation from Sherwin-Williams...

Gypsy Red SW6865, Glitzy Gold SW6691,
Exuberant Pink SW6840, Armagnac SW6354, Habanero Chili SW 7589

Saphire SW6963, Steely Gray SW7664
Purple Passage SW6551, Indigo Batik SW7602, Monorail Silver SW7663


Lila said...

Wow that sun looks massive! What a gorgeous photo. I love the Purple passage color. It's becoming a new obsession of mine!
Lila Ferraro