December 15, 2010

Vintage: Bringing Back the Skating Party

Here in the Northeast, you'd better either know how to ski, skate, snowshoe, or enjoy staying indoors. Winters are long here and we make the best of it by enjoying the cold and snow no matter what the temperature outside may read. Friends of ours flood their backyard to create the cutest little ice rink. (Check out these instructions to make your own.) Although our large ponds will indeed freeze, it's always better to be safe and skate on shallower waters. Another friend of ours teaches ice rescue and recommends that the ice should be at least 6 inches thick before you attempt to skate on a lake or a pond. Be careful!

Once you've determined your location, be prepared to build a fire and place several logs or benches nearby for people to sit and rest a bit. Gather branches to roast marshmallows and don't forget a thermos or two of hot chocolate or cider. If you can swing it, take along some battery-operated lights and string them from thick branches that you can set in the snow or the ground, and place them vertically around the rink. And don't forget the music!

Of course you'll want to look your best, so offer a prize for snazziest costume. Girls: layer on the long underwear and leggings and then dress in the swirliest skirt you can find. Boys: hats are your main attraction. Let's see buffalo plaid, Elmer Fudd-style chapeaus!

Images scanned from Victoria magazine