February 2, 2011

Thanks For the Memories

I like to save and I like to toss. After I've lived with something for a while, it either gets stored or sent away. When we have a fire on the weekends, there's nothing I like better than to weed through a pile of papers and send them into the blazing flames and up the chimney. But there are certain things that I have to keep: letters, ticket stubs, my children's artwork... and it can really pile up if you don't pay attention.

Years ago I came up with an idea to turn my favorite magazine clippings and keepsakes into a collage. My first one was made from a large piece of heavy-duty cardboard (about 3' x 5') and covered completely in fashion photos. This rather large 'keepsake' was placed over my desk and stayed with me through my college years, and through several moves, until it just got too big to deal with. I was sad to see it go, so I took a picture of it and happily tossed it into the dumpster. Years later, when my children were young, I would keep very special art projects, and with a heavy heart, toss the rest after taking pictures of those too.

Creating a collage of some of your favorite items could be the answer to your get-rid-of-this-clutter prayer. Just make sure that you've taken a nice clear photo before the tossing begins!

Image scanned from unknown magazine