May 20, 2011

Must Read

Some books end up on my must-have/must-read list immediately, while others are placed on my reserved list. How do I differentiate between the two? It could be because of a project I'm working on or simply my frame of mind at the time. The Help is a book I've kept my eye on for some time now. I knew I would eventually read it, but I kept putting it off. If you remember, I've been reading a lot of non-fiction lately and nothing outside of that genre has really peaked my interest enough to make me change my ways. (I remember going through a very distinct historical fiction period many years ago so I know this will pass.) I finally bought my copy last week and enjoyed reading every single page. Quite simply, this is a beautiful book. If you've already read it, I urge you to read it again. And if you haven't read it, please do.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes. It's quickly become one of my favorites. -D

Kristen said...

thanks for the suggestion.

Currently I'm reading Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood. Next to come is Mitten Strings for God and The Gift of an Ordinary Day.

I also have a basket full of fiction that my mom has passed over to me but this looks interesting.

Kimberly Merritt said...

Kristen, I loved "Gift of an Ordinary Day". Katrina Kenison is a gifted writer. Enjoy it.

Ms.JayQue said...

I read The Help last year and absolutely loved every second...I couldn't put it down and I didn't want it to end. I agree with you a Must read indeed.