May 9, 2011

Up to No Good

This past weekend, as David and I raked and weeded the garden beds, Cooper (always in search of the coziest spot) looked over his domain from the comfort of a camp chair obviously set out just for him. This is a dog who doesn't like to get his paws wet in the morning dew, a dog who would rather sit on a piece of furniture than on a hard floor, the kind of dog who can make himself comfortable just about anywhere. He is definitely the king of the castle.

As the outdoor furniture (finally) made its way onto our porch, I went inside for a glass of water when I grabbed my camera and took this picture. I started to wonder what he was thinking about. Most likely, he was plotting how he could get into his cookie jar. If I knock over the chair and push it over to the counter, I can probably reach my snout into the glass container and then...

Yeah, right. As if we don't spoil him rotten enough.


Wendy Wrzos said...

He's adorable! Definitely plotting how to get the cookie while maintaining his "cute" status :-)

Kimberly Merritt said...

He has the adorable thing down pat!