June 15, 2011


Last summer, my girls and I sat around a campfire and talked about writing bucket lists. I'm not sure how the conversation got started, but they were excited about the concept and got right to work making a list of all of the wonderful places they want to see, things they want to do, and experiences they hope to have. My "summer daughter" also got in on it, and then three of my sisters-in-law jumped in and began writing their bucket lists. The girls shared a little of what they wrote..... "eat brussel sprouts" and "go to I-Hop" were two of the most silly, while "always vacation on the Cape with each other" (promises made between all of my daughters) was one of my favorites.

Now that my summer vacation is right around the corner, I started to think about those bucket lists and all of the things we have checked off since last year. After visiting DC last week, my youngest daughter went to a dinner theatre show where she met one of the actors, who also happened to be a former Abercrombie & Fitch model. Once she crossed off "visit DC", she quickly wrote, "meet an Abercrombie & Fitch model" on her list and crossed that off, too. But my own list was left undisturbed. I'll admit, my list contains slightly loftier goals, and because I have already lived half my life, my bucket list is considerably shorter than my girls' lists.

That's when it hit me. Why not make a list of everything I've already accomplished and experienced so far? We rarely take stock in the things we've done and instead, focus on all we have to do.

So this is my new summer project, and one I will share with my family next week so us older gals can marvel at our accomplishments and appreciate the lives we have already lived.

Here's a glimpse of my list so far.......
  • Sang in the Jr. Miss pageant
  • Worked as a telephone operator the summer after my senior year
  • Mudded a bedroom wall
  • Rode an elephant
  • Stood on an active volcano
  • Drove 23 hours to Nashville to attend a concert
  • Experienced natural childbirth - 3 times!
To be continued...