June 9, 2011

From Where I Sit

This is my view every weekend. I sit on my porch and watch the birds fly back and forth between the feeder in the crab apple tree and the one hanging from a post on other side of the pergola. The sofa I sit on allows me to see the entire yard as I'm usually stretched out sideways overlooking our expanse of lawn and the woods beyond. It's in this spot that my girls and I gather to chat at the end of the day. Where I watched my 16-year-old daughter drive down the driveway for the very first time by herself and sighed, with great relief, when I saw her return. It's where I observe the seasons unfold, where the wood is stacked and waiting when the snow starts to fall, and where Cooper nudges his way onto the outdoor furniture thinking that if it's good enough for us, it must be pretty darn good. I eat, write, daydream, talk, listen, and relax in this spot. And I'm never without a book.

When I took this photo, the sun was shining in such a way that I thought the scene looked too beautiful to be real. The photo doesn't really capture what I saw. But that's okay, I can come back anytime I want and wait for the sun to do its magic once again.

I love the color of the flowers in the spring.