November 18, 2011

A Little Reminder

I’m not much of a collector. I don’t scrapbook, and my family photos….well, let’s just say they’re tucked away in a box for safe-keeping. I prefer to keep my memories alive by taking a picture (stored on the computer of course) and writing down the days and weeks events in my many notebooks. But just the other day, as I was getting ready to put away a few of my purses and bags in the basement, I reached into one of the pockets and found a few reminders of my life. You see, I like to store ticket stubs, notes, cards, and other little mementos in the pages of a book, in my wallet, my journals, and in the pockets of purses and bags I know I’ll reuse. I get to relive those moments when my hand touches the date or brushes up against words that have been scrawled across the page. They bring a smile to my face. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I know I can reach into my purse, or take a book off the shelf and pull out a few pieces of paper that will instantly cheer me up or have me thinking about a place where hands were held and laughter was shared.
And when I gift a book to someone else, I like to write a little note inside to mark the occasion, so they, too, can find a little surprise that will put a smile on their face.