December 16, 2011

Always Remember

A few years ago, just before Thanksgiving, I went through my many boxes of photos and started to pull a collection together at random. Some were from my childhood, some were from my husband's childhood, and some were of my own children at various ages and stages of their lives. I placed them all in a bowl with the idea that after Thanksgiving dinner, we would all sit around the table and reminisce about the people in the pictures.

It's amazing to me what we remember, and all of the things we sometimes forget. Each photograph conjured up all kinds of emotions. We shared stories about the images with our children filling in the details along the way. We told sweet and funny tales about the people who are no longer with us but will remain forever in our hearts. We laughed, we cried, and, in our own special way, we shared our holiday with the family members that couldn't gather round our table.

So, with the holiday season upon us once more, and a new year just around the corner, take some time to look back. It will be the best gift you can give to one another.


Kristen516 said...

this is a wonderful post Kim...thank you for sharing!