June 18, 2012

Summer Beach Reads

My beach bag is usually filled with fun beach reads. You know....easy, breezy reading filled with romance (maybe a little intrigue) that definitely includes lots of scenes filled with sand and surf. If you click on the reading topic on the right, you'll see some of the titles I've recommended in the past. But, this year, my beach bag is filled with a mixed bag of items. I've had Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, and although it's not a book that fits my personal description of a beach read, it's coming with me on vacation this week. It was even included in the Good Housekeeping's list of "11 Summer Beach Reads". And if that list doesn't interest you, check out Oprah's new Book Club 2.0 which is sure to be filled with the latest and greatest.

So here's to a summer filled with great reads....and plenty of time to enjoy them!