September 4, 2012

Good-bye Summer

It's official. School has started, my youngest daughter celebrated her birthday over the holiday weekend, and we all enjoyed our annual visit to the fair. Now I'd like to hit the rewind button please. Even with the mild winter and early spring, warm temps, and mostly sunny skies, summer is never long enough. Summer should be the official season of lifelive outdoors, eat fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden, watch the sun set well into the evening, go for a bike ride whenever the mood strikes, swim in fresh and salt water all day long, read a book just for fun, never wear a watch, be surrounded by family all day, every dayno schedules, no hassles, no worries. Yes, I want summer to stretch into the fall, the winter, next year and beyond. I want my girls home so I can talk to them about what we should to do today (hit the beach, go for a walk), what we should eat for dinner (salad... or maybe ice cream), and where we're headed next (a ball game, the city, Cape Cod).

Fall used to be my favorite season, but now I think it's definitely summer. I will miss it terribly.