November 27, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Natural or faux? I like to mix it up, so I decorate with a little of both for Christmas. This fresh balsam wreath gets a little help from some faux branches and a few pine cones. I then placed it on top of a vintage door knocker just outside my back door.

On the other side of the back door, my iron window box is simply filled with fresh cuttings from the Christmas tree and a few more pine cones. White lights draped around the pergola welcome us all home and my back porch scene is complete.

Inside, my faux den tree gets a little help from a few fresh ornaments. Some are made from coxcomb and rose hips, others from Reindeer moss. The tree is wrapped in natural grapevine and sits in an old cranberry crate filled with... more pine cones.

A pair of beautiful birds are perched on top. (The other is hiding behind the first.) Here are some more photos to inspire you. Do you know what's real and what's not?

Even the kitchen gets a tree.

Our family room tree is filled with ornaments collected throughout the years. This Christopher Radko Santa is the very first ornament placed on the tree each year. I love a little sparkle among all of the natural decorations.

Here comes Santa Claus. You may remember photos of this painting from years past. Some years he's topped with fresh greens.

My favorite way to decorate for Christmas... mixing the old with the new, a little glitz, and lots of natural elements.

If you'd like more Christmas decorating inspiration, simply type in the word "Christmas" in my search box and you'll find lots.  


Wendy Wrzos said...

OMG Kim, it looks so gorgeous! What a lovely, lovely job you have done. Made my day!

Kimberly Merritt said...

Thank you, Wendy. I got my bedroom tree up last night. (Pics are on the blog under 'Christmas'.) My oldest daughter's tree is up. We have some garland to hang, an outdoor tree to trim, my village to unpack, and one more tree to put up in my youngest daughter's room... And then I'm done!