March 20, 2013

Paint Colors for Staging

When staging a home, do kitchens always have to be white? Would you paint these cabinets or this island? Outside of removing some of the clutter over the range, this kitchen is in shipshape. Be careful of pastel colors and shades of white that can visually make a room disappear. Take into consideration the overall architecture instead. These ceilings are nice and tall and the natural light opens up this room without having to dumb down colors.

Color Inspiration

Benjamin Moore
Beeker Beige HC-80, Ballet White OC-9, Stone House 1039, Hush AF-95, Weimaraner AF-155

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Anonymous said...

I am just finding this! I saw you used both of these colors in a post so think you may be familiar with them. I know it's hard to advise from a distance but basically I painted my living room/dining combo BM Stonehouse and then (without really color matching because I thought it was a neutral), I painted my hall BM AF 95 Hush. They don't look good right next to each other and I need an accent wall. Would BM Sienna be a good accent wall? The powder room is that color and it's a little further up the hall. :-)