August 27, 2013

Books, Books, and More Books

I started to read an article the other day about how to downsize your library. I stopped reading the article. Yes, I have a book addiction, but I have gotten better. Several months ago I got rid of at least 30 or so books to lighten up my shelves, but I know I could/should probably get rid of more considering I keep adding to my collection.

The large bookcase in my living room is filled, the shelves and tables in my office/den are sufficiently covered, even my bedroom has stacks of books on every available surface. (And let's not discuss the girls' rooms. My oldest daughter just found out she has a built-in bookcase in her dorm room and she is thrilled.) But sometimes you have to get a little more creative for those of us who would rather sacrifice surface space than clear away our beloved reads. Here are a few storage ideas you may be able to use:
  1. Think up and over.
  2. Round and round you go.
  3. Expand a staircase.
  4. Think outside the bookcase.
Yesterday while I was in Boston touring my daughter's soon-to-be college campus yet again, we took in the shops at Kenmore Square and I promptly fell in love with the local Barnes and Noble (technically, the B&N at Boston University bookstore). It has five floors filled to the brim with books, notebooks, and everything else a college student could possibly need, including a small café. I was green with envy. I went to school just around the corner and I don't remember having as many bookstore/café options back then. We counted three on our journey without really looking.

We left the store with just one purchase (a record!) and then finally went to the North End for dinner and coffee after walking almost the entire length of the city so she could get her bearings above ground as well as below it. Although she has ridden the "T" countless times, she never had to pay attention. At least my husband and I feel more comfortable knowing she can get around without getting lost. We both have our own personal subway stories, we just wanted hers to be a little less painful. And, of course, find the shortest route back to her dorm with an armload of books.



Wendy Wrzos said...

This post made me smile!

Kimberly Merritt said...

Thanks, Wendy. I'm glad. :)