August 1, 2013

Had a Blast!

This past weekend (and the start of the work week) has been filled with lots of celebrations and events. We're counting down the days of summer and fitting in as much fun as we can. It just happened that these three events occurred within 4 days!

Taylor Swift did not disappoint her fans last Saturday at Gillette Stadium. This was my second (the girls third) TS concert and the Red Tour was just as wonderful as Fearless. We had fun having lunch at CBS Scene restaurant, walking through the shops of Patriot Place, and running into fellow Peterborough people!

After getting home at 2:30(!), the girls and I headed back down to Foxboro (Crazy, I know, but my husband was kind enough to drive us to and from the concert, but opted out of the second girls-only event. Thank you again honey.) to attend my daughter-in-law's baby shower. Pink was the theme. We're getting ready to welcome another little girl into our family in the next few weeks!

Now it was time for my husband to have some fun. We attended the Red Sox game Tuesday night and enjoyed a small part of the city for just a little while. Our schedules prevented us from making this a day trip, but we did manage to walk around my oldest daughter's future college campus just around the corner. We'll be heading back there soon for another game and to spend the day before the girls head back to school.

Quote I heard over and over from my girls this past week... "I don't want July to be over." I with them. In my next life, I'm inventing a time machine.