February 14, 2014

Puppy Love

Cooper wants to know when he can come in. Dante wonders why he's complaining (again) about the snow. These are my two boys. It's funny, because when it was just the three of usme, my husband, and our sonI always referred to them as my boys. Then our beloved Smokey came along, and I had three boys. That all changed of course when I had my two girls, then it was three to three. Fast forward sixteen years and my son is grown and married, my girls have one foot out the door, and we have two new dogs that we happened to rescue within two years of each other. Cooper is quiet, Dante is not. Both of them are very needy. They would rather have us home than not, especially Dante. In fact, if I've been gone for any length of time, I get chewed out the moment I walk through the door.  

Just before another storm hit yesterday, my husband and I readied the house with a hearth full of wood. The dogs helped us carry in a few pieces. As soon as Cooper's paws hit the snow, he usually wants in, but if we're outside with him, he's happy to hang out. Dante, on the other hand, would rather sit outside in a blizzard.

Some of the wood didn't make it into the house.

Here are a few things that you can spoil your canine children with.

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Please rescue or adopt a dog instead of buying one. Too many animals need loving homes.