August 29, 2014

Happy Friday

End of summer fun. David, Amanda, and her friend Nick took our jumping off the Jaws bridge on Martha's Vineyard to the next level. This bridge happens to be an abandoned train bridge situated between a pond and a lake. The views were beautiful, and up until this past week, they were all ready to do it againuntil they learned that someone had gotten bit by a water snake. That's good enough for me. I'll stick to salt seems safer!

What end of summer plans do you have?

Here are some links I've read this past week that might interest you.

Fall hair trends - there's something for everyone. I rocked the (wavy) lob through high school.

Did you know that if you shop on Amazon, you can support a cause through their Smile program?

I can't believe I missed National Dog Day! Kate found this video that made me laugh.

8 things I've learned about marriage. After 22 years... I can tell you this is still a great list.

Next week I start to decorate my home for fall and turn this blog into a total fall fest. Until then, get a jumpstart on how Joanna's decorating for fall over on Magnolia Home's blog.

15 grilling recipes for your Labor Day cookout.