September 11, 2014

Chatham Orpheum Theater

My family loves the movies, whether we watch them at home or take a drive to the large stadium theater 40 minutes away. However, we're fortunate enough to have two (I'll call them boutique) theaters in both our home towns, one here in Peterborough and one on the Cape. The Chatham Orpheum Theater was under construction last summer, so when we took the drive into town this past July, we were thrilled to see that it had opened. We bought our tickets for Jaws right on the spot, knowing they'd be sold out if we didn't (which they were).

As you walk in, you see this amazing mural of Hollywood stars. "The After Party", by artist Hans de Castellane, is just amazing. You can dine in the theater courtesy of Vers Restaurant, or simply munch on popcorn and candy. The seating is extra wide and very comfortable, and the sound system rivals any larger venue. They show first run movies, art films, and classics. They'll even email you "rainy day showings" for kids when the beach is not an option. Of course, Chatham is a beach town, but I can imagine taking in movies all winter long in this cozy space.

We happened to go on the night of the big storm. A tropical storm had been forecast all day, but didn't arrive until all seven of us were in the theater clapping and cheering and yelling, "We're gonna need a bigger boat." with the rest of the crowd. So the party continued as we cautiously made our way back while the wind howled and the rain pounded the pavement.

David and I went back on date night to see Chef. After dinner at the Squire, we just made the 8:00 show and literally got the last two seats in the theater. We had a really fun night.

Do you think a 3-1/2 hour car ride is too much to go see a movie?