September 5, 2014


Preparing for college, visiting college campuses, making decisions about the rest. of. your. life. is a daunting task. This is my third go-around and the experience has been different each time. When it was time for my son to decide which college to go to, he simply chose one and went. Kate, my oldest daughter, applied to 9 schools in a panic thinking she wouldn't get into any, never mind her first choice. She got into every single one. Amanda, my youngest, is somewhere in between. She's applying for early admission, something the other two didn't do. She narrowed down schools long before her siblings did and they're all in the same state. Three children, three very different experiences. College visits are on hold for now, although we may end up re-visiting schools just so she's sure.

With that task (sort of) behind me, I can start to focus on a few house items that need attending to and business as usual.'s Friday, which means a little leisure time. Tomorrow we're headed to the Otter Limits Olympic Triathlon. Amanda is biking 25 miles for Team Orr, hopefully not in the rain. And since David and I have been running tractors and bulldozers, shoveling dirt and stone, and building mini rock walls, I'm not sure we're doing much of anything as my muscles are still recovering.

Photo: Brown University campus


Megan said...

I'm experiencing this for the first time. Scary, thrilling, exhausting... I enjoy your posts about motherhood/family. I am not alone. :)


Ellen said...

I have two children in high school and the thought of college is just too much to think about. I like our family "unit" the way it is. I also really like your family posts because I think you feel the same way.

Thank you,

Kimberly Merritt said...

Hello Megan and Ellen. I understand completely. It's so hard to let go. I wish you well on your journeys and thank you for your comments.