October 10, 2014

Happy (Long) Weekend!

My girls will be home together again for a nice, long weekend. I'm smiling just thinking about it. That's something we often do togetherthat and laugh a lot. Mostly at each other. Ha! That's the two of them apple picking a couple of weeks ago. The photo is a bit grainy (my real camera batteries died and so did the back-ups!) but you get the idea. The two of them can be grumbling one minute, but the moment the camera is on and I tell them to pose, they're on. However, Amanda just couldn't stop making fun of her sister or control her giggles. Kate never broke character.

This weekend is a mixed bag of hanging out (It's Peterborough's 275th birthday so we'll at least take in the fireworks.), working on house projects, cat-sitting, decorating for Halloween, watching football, and having some company (who will watch football with us). So today is a shopping-cleaning-organizing day for all I have to do in the next couple of weeks (conference, class) and this weekend.

In the spirit of laughter, I thought I'd share these links with you. Enjoy!

Check out this guy's job application. If you don't laugh at at least one of these, have your funny bone checked.

The adult way to handle any situation.

Did you miss these jokes too?

And to get you in the Halloween spirit...

Adorable (and funny) hip costumes for kids.

The girls will be headed off to Spooky World soon. Wonder what they'd look like...

Which horror movie character are you?