January 27, 2015

Snow Day....I'll Take It

Dante is braving the storm. The Blizzard of 2015 isn't going to measure up to its historic prediction (Are the weathermen EVER going to get the forecast right?!), but as long as I have a snow day with my family, I'll take it.

Michael is in Providence, so he's getting lots of wind. Kate, who has lived through some epic storms here in N.H., wonders what all the fuss is about in Boston. Family and friends on the Cape are getting pretty good gusts, but I think the more you're prepared for a storm, the less of an impact it has. I'm certainly glad that they put public safety above being "right", but if I were a New England weatherman, I think I'd be a little embarrassed at this point. It snows when it's not supposed to and the amount predicted is so far off, it's laughable.

Alas, we have another (supposedly) 17 more hours to go and it's coming down at a pretty good clip right now, so that 24+" they've predicted may come true.

Text with Kate yesterday...

     Me: It's supposed to be bad so make sure you have candles etc.
     Kate: oh okay thanks
     David: Kate tomorrow is going to be a typical blizzard for us but Boston will not be able to handle it. The sidewalks will not be plowed etc.
     Kate: Thanks father I'm going to get everything I need today so I don't have to go out tomorrow

A little while later...

     Kate: The line in the grocery store is so long that it goes to the back of the store and goes around a loop. It's easily 100 people deep
     Me: Got an email from your school about emergency preparedness. T will stop at midnight and all public transport will cease. It's a big deal and the city will take longer to recover than we will.
     Kate: Ugh Massachusetts sucks at moving snow. I'm just going to stay inside the whole time. Too bad if I was home I'd probably go outside haha

The conversation continued with all the things she may need, including emergency cupcakes, and the fact that she may lose power. My nephew messaged me that he contacted Kate (he lives in the city, too) making sure she was all set and to let him know if she needed help. My niece (also in the city) offered her a place to stay. They're sweeties.

Text with Kate today...

     Kate: The power never went out. This storm is a dud it's just a little windy this is nothing!

And a little while later...

     Kate: Looks like I have plans today! (In response to a text from her friends: "Do you guys want to go for a walk later? I hear there's an insane snow fort in the Boston common lol." "There is?!?! Yes! We can have a snowball fight!!!)

And so you have it. The Blizzard of '15....so far.

Stay tuned...