February 27, 2015

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Are you tired of seeing pictures of snow? Yeah, me too. If you can believe it, I took this picture over a week ago and we have since received a foot and a half more. Add to that -24 degree wind chills and that about sums up our winter. But...we did have a bit of melting for the first time in over a month, so I'm thinking positive. Unfortunately, roofs all over New England are starting to sag, collapse, and leak. I came home last week after class to find that my kitchen ceiling has a few new decorationsbrown stains in an assortment of shapes. There was only one other winter where we've had roof damage, this is the second. C'est la vie.

Amanda has been on her winter break this past week. We went prom dress shopping and she picked out a beautiful plum ball gown. Be sure to look for those pictures in May. As for this weekend... I think we're just planning on taking it as it comes. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and here are some links you might find interesting.

Think I'm kidding about the cold and snow... well, the ocean is starting to freeze.

Downton Abbey meets Harry Potter.

Great quotes about writing and little free libraries everywhere. Oh, and advice about writing from Stephen King.

Are you ready for a new haircut?

Gorgeous log cabin makeover.

Take a breather and check out this place where you can work, relax, or meet. Use code JRTFQX for a free hour.

Try this 4 ingredient chicken marinade. Yum!

Photo taken from my kitchen window.