May 19, 2015

Summer Reading List

On our way home from Boston a couple of weeks ago, we decided to check out some books. The girls and I are putting together our summer reading lists. Typically, we'll scan the shelves and pull out titles and authors that interest us, and then take pictures as a reminder. We're visual people, so this helps a lot. The girls have a pretty good collection already. I'm kind of in a rut. I have about five books ready to go, but sadly, none of my favorite authors have written anything new. When I'm on vacation, I like to mix it upfiction, non-fictionbut I also want fun, light-hearted stories that won't bring me down. I found these two titles while I was browsing.

Adulting: I think this will be more suited for Kate in a few years. Although I don't think she'll need it. This is certainly light-hearted.

Whatever... Love is Love: I am a fan of Maria Bello's work, but I didn't read her essay "Coming Out as a Modern Family" in the New York Times. This is still on my list.

I took a peek at the Times best seller list on B&N, and then I found this list on PopSugar they've dubbed the "98 of the Sexiest, Sweetest Books of 2015 (so far)". I guess they couldn't find two more to make it an even 100. I'll be scanning this list more closely.

So if you're currently getting your summer reading list together, I'd love to hear some recommendations.


Karen said...

If you haven't read Mindy Kalings or BJ Novaks books, you must. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm always last to read what's hot, so maybe you are too. Have you read Gone Girl? Not too light, but a riveting read.


Kimberly Merritt said...

Actually, Karen. I haven't. They too are on my list.

Funny you should mention this book, Amy. It's sitting beside me because I bought it for my husband. He's going to read it first and then maybe I'll have a go.