June 1, 2015


This past Saturday, Amanda went to her senior prom! It feels like just yesterday I was getting Kate ready for her prom. Because I was now a seasoned professional hair stylists and prom organizer (ahem), everything went smoothly. I ordered the boutinniere more than a week in advance. We already conducted a pre-prom styling session (although she ended up changing the style a bit!). And Amanda is a planner, just like me. We started at 2:30 in the afternoon and didn't quit until 5:00. When her date arrived, I even remembered the flowers. (Don't you love my gardening gloves? I forgot I'd left them out.)

We knew he was getting a white tux. The news did not go over well at first. But... Nick is his own man, man. Right down to his high-polished white shoes and purple socks. He can wear whatever color he'd like. They looked dashing.

On prom night, it's tradition for all of the students to gather in town at Putnam Park. We were lucky to find this free spot for a team group picture. They traded in their cleats for high heels and they all looked beautiful. (I kind of wish they had had their lacrosse sticks.)

People were taking pictures left and right. Trying to get a shot without someone else in the background was a challenge. I stood back and let his parents take some for a while. I was amazingly dry-eyed the whole day.

Then it was back to work as I ran after Amanda and took photos of her with other groups and friends. These girls have been buddies for a while now. (The other two are actually sisters.) They looked so lovely in these gowns. Shades of blue and purple were very in this year.

Once pictures were done. They actually went out to dinner, showed up fashionably late, and stayed the entire night. She got in very late (or early, depending on the day) and we were all a little bleary-eyed the next morning, but she had a fabulous time!

Next up: college orientation, senior trip, lacrosse banquet, senior BBQ, awards night, convocation, and finally, graduation!

Oh boy.