August 10, 2015

My Home Away From Home - Part I

Growing up on the south shore of Massachusetts, I had always visited Cape Cod throughout my childhood. I have several relatives who live on the Cape, and my parents would take my sister and me to spend long weekends there just to get away and cool off in the summer. We had other beaches to choose from much closer to home, but it was always more fun to make the drive. 

David lived on the Cape for a while and he always knew he wanted to live there again someday. I wasn't so sure. When we met, we were both working in Boston and I had become accustomed to city living. I thought the Cape was too remote, too dreary in the winter, and too far away. Of course, the ironic part is that we ended up moving to the New Hampshire woods, so that goes to show you how much I know.

We made a compromise and decided that we would vacation on the Cape. At first, I stayed several days, then a week, then two weeks, and now my family and I spend at least four weeks every year enjoying everything the area has to offer. We count down the days until we get there and mourn the day we have to leave.

And even though we stay in one particular town, we travel quite a bit while we're down there. We're usually driving between Brewster, Orleans, and Chatham mostly. In fact we drove into Chatham the day after we arrived and were greeted with their annual shark art show in the park. 

Of course one of our first stops has to be to either Cobies for some soft-serve ice cream and/or Hot Chocolate Sparrow for some Frozen Hot Chocolate. Although Kate prefers their chocolate cake!

As the weeks progressed, we lazed on the beach, read books every night, and before we knew it, it was the 4th of July. We all pile into the car to watch the Orleans parade in the morning, and then we head back to get organized to spend the afternoon and evening in Provincetown every year. Well, every year for the past four years at any rate. If you've never been, you must visit this quaint little town I was told was designed to look like an authentic Portuguese village. You'll find the sweetest little homes and lots of secret gardens tucked up and down the winding streets. Although this rich arts community is always alive with excitement, it gets really interesting on the 4th. No matter how busy it gets, we always manage to find a spot on the pier to watch the fireworks.

If you can imagine, most of the streets are not shut down to cars. They share the road with the pedestrians, not the other way around. Those in the know don't bother to drive at all.

Stay tuned for more vacation photos soon.