September 18, 2015

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Well, the girls are home (actually, one is on her way as I write this) and we're headed down to our favorite orchard to pick some apples tomorrow! I love that the girls will still make time for our traditions no matter where they are (and David and I have flexible enough schedules to go and get them). Today I'm going to make our picnic lunch that we'll enjoy eating in the town square after we've picked a bushel of Macintosh and Cortland apples. We'll load the girls' old red wagon into the car along with the plaid blankets just like we always do. 

Yesterday, I drove into Boston to get Kate and walked around the block waiting for her to get out of class. Her building is very close to this little park, so I decided to explore it further. I was immediately drawn to the water fountain, but I also loved the bright blue benches tucked in and around bushes and under trees. These benches looked a bit out of place in the winter, but their vibrant color really pops and looks beautiful when everything is in bloom.

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