September 8, 2015

Totally Crushing Over

Industrial lights, round tables, rich wall color, and miniature gardens are just a few of my favs.

I've been dreaming about creating new spaces and mixing the old with the new. The best way to do the latter is to use newer, more contemporary elements when decorating with the details of a room, like accessories and lights. These Factory Lights from Schoolhouse Electric are exactly what I'm talking about. Even though you could argue this vintage look is not stereotypically contemporary, the clean simple lines make it so.

I love, love, love round tables and I always will. They're more intimate and fun when gathering friends and family together. They also work really well as impromptu work surfaces and a perfect table to decorate in a variety of ways when you vary the size. Throw a cloth over top and you've got hidden storage as well. One of my favorites is the Docksta Table from Ikea. You can dress it up or down, cover it or not. (Inspired by this story.)

Dark wall colors don't close a room in, they make a room feel cozy, and blur the lines of a room so you can instantly turn a choppy room (lots of angles) into a more cohesive space. And I'll never tire of brown no matter what the trends are. Some of my favorites include SW Hopsack (6109), BM Maryville Brown (HC-75), and BM Branchport Brown (HC-72). (Inspired by this story. Check out other autumnal colors here.)

This week I plan to mow down my flower beds and pull out all the stops for fall....mums, cornstalks, you get the idea. But I'm still holding onto the dream of creating miniature gardens next spring and maybe even this fall if I get through some other projects. I'm thinking twig houses and jack-be-little pumpkins. Joanna Gaines is in love with miniature gardens too. Be inspired to create your own fairy house here.