January 22, 2016

What Are You Reading?

The gift of words is always something I enjoy getting and giving. So it's no surprise that all of us received bundles of books over the holidays. 

David enjoys crime novels and history. Kate loves dystopian and fantasy. Amanda is a fan of realistic fiction. Me? I'm good with it all. I have quite a pile of interesting reads on my table, including Anna Karenina (which I've never read), a Michael J. Fox memoir (I admire his courage), Delicious, Why Not Me?, and Quiet.

I promised myself that I would go to bed and read a chapter or two from my favorite series every night. I haven't kept it yet. But I will as soon as I get Amanda safely back to college this weekend. (We're still in our vacation-isn't-over-just-yet bubble.)

As I wandered through the stacks at the bookstore just last night, I was reminded of several books I'd love to re-read and many that I still need to get, including When Breath Becomes Air. There are plenty of amazing reviews about this book so I know it will grace my table soon.

What are you reading?

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Anonymous said...

These sound like interesting books to look over. I'm in a reading rut so I'm hoping to hear more ideas.


Anonymous said...

Brooklyn. Great book. I also have read Big Magic and loved it.


Tammy said...

I like to read memoirs and ridiculously fluffy fiction to completely escape. I'm looking for new suggestions.

Kimberly Merritt said...

Good Reads is a great resource. I'm in a bit of a book rut. Meaning, I'm not buying any books for a while now! I'm getting rid of some. Check out FB or EBay if you're interested.