February 26, 2016

Totally Crushing Over

These inspiring Instagram accounts. Although design ruled my world once upon a time, I shy away from following just design sites. I'm more interested in seeing the whole picturefood, travel, family, seeing, doing, living, and of course, doggies.

In Honor of Design lets design enthusiast mom (of four!), Anny Liesemeyer, give us a peek into her southern world of style and adventure. (Because when you have four kids, staying at home is an adventure!) Her photos are beautiful and poignant. 

I want Mackensie Horan to be my new best friend. This girl looks like she'd be a blast to hang out with. And her Instagram account just makes me smile. I am so looking forward to summer because all I want to do is wear navy and white now thanks to Mackensie. Bonus: She's a New Englander living in TX. If that isn't worth tuning in for, I don't know what is.  

Alyson, of New England Living, is curator of all things New England. Her photos of the local scenery are lovely as is her design aesthetic. If you haven't visited New England yet, I'm sure Alyson could entice you with her hauntingly historical images.

The Yellow Note just feels like New England. Although located in upstate New York, Briana fills her account with beautiful scenes of everyday life. (And she has two adorable labs, too.) She does sashay into my neck of the woods every now and again, so be on the lookout when her worlds cross over.

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Happy Weekend!