December 1, 2016

An Update and a Recommendation

The blog is FINALLY moving to another platform. More freedom, more perks, easier navigation, and it's all happening soon! So, if I'm offline for a little while, you'll know why. I'm not disappearing, I'm just... moving. And moving takes time. I have to unload boxes and boxes of notes and photos, my laptop, my stacks of books, a comfy chair, and my many notebooks. And all during the holidays! I may need to be resuscitated by the time I'm done.

While I'm away, I'd like to recommend an interesting and funny read. Talking as Fast as I Can is this month's book pick for all you Gilmore Girl fans and those just beginning to recognize the talent of Lauren Graham. This his her first work of non-fiction, and follows her novel, Someday, Someday Maybe. 

Read it! It's almost better than Friday night dinners!

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