January 5, 2010

Country Scenes

City girl in the country... This past weekend, our town got blanketed in snow once again. That didn't stop me from grabbing my camera (and my hubby) to capture the beauty of the day. Before I left, I snapped the white pines right outside my back door. These trees look absolutely majestic and I can see them from every window.

When I first moved here, I thought I would go mad. Now I appreciate the quiet and I have learned to enjoy nature more. (Not bad for an "indoor" girl.)

We live near many rivers and streams - some larger than others. This one is located just up the road.

You can almost hear the quiet.

The Nubanusit River (which connects to the Contoocook River just beyond) sits alongside one of our parks. The falls (not pictured) fill the air with the sounds of water rushing over stone. I love water in every form and I am happy to be surrounded by rivers, lakes and streams. It makes me miss the ocean a little less.