January 14, 2010

It's a Girl Thing...

I am a girlie girl. However, I don't like anything too cute or too sweet. Give me fine materials, a little glitz, a little glamour, and I'm good to go. I would rather invest in one beautiful piece (whether it's clothing or furniture) and make it work from year to year, and I'm obsessed with cashmere sweaters, fine leather bags and good jewelry. Classic is my middle name.

This was my grandmother's writing desk bought en suite at an estate sale long ago. I use it as a vanity in my bedroom. Although I don't actually sit in front of the mirror to put on my make-up or accessorize, I do love displaying sentimental items among my treasures. The Chanel perfume bottles once graced my mother's bureau.

(The pearls were a Christmas gift from my hubby. That's us in the background on our wedding day. I made my brocade gown and Jackie O. velvet pillbox hat.)

Even if you share your bedroom, there is always room for a girl to be a girl. If shoes are your thing, why not display them like a work of art on open shelves? Mix in a few china bowls to show off jewelry and other collectibles. And don't forget a glass and crystal. A beautiful mirror will double your pleasure and who wouldn't want a mini chandelier in their room!

Although many pieces are tucked away out of sight, I love to dangle a few necklaces from my lamp so they catch the light and add sparkle to the room.

If you like flowers (and he doesn't) go bold and vivid instead of pastel and tiny. Limit florals patterns and use them on replaceable/changeable items such as pillows or a throw. It's okay to pile on the layers, especially during the winter.

If possible, include a bench, settee, or set of chairs in your bedroom. My bedroom is my escape and if you want to create a warm and welcoming place for a girl to hang out, include the following...

1. Splurge on your bed and good quality linens. (The frame can come later if you still want it.) Choose neutral linens so you have the opportunity to change the look from season to season - or just because - by switching out a decorative throw and pillows.

2. Make the most of your closet space so you can forgo free-standing storage in place of the above mentioned seating, a vanity, or even a small table and chairs. The next thing on my list? I want a small desk so I have another creative spot to escape to.

3. Forget wimpy side tables and choose a small chest of drawers or larger table beside your bed instead. And no, they don't have to match either. As long as the size works well (scale and proportion) and the overall look is pleasing, it will work. Now select a lamp you can read by and place it on your table with whatever you need to enjoy some much needed quiet time. What's on my table? A water glass, candle, lotion, a journal and lots of books! (What size lamp? If you truly want to read by it, then the bottom of the shade should be higher than your shoulders.)

Now envision your space and make the dream a reality.

Images via HouseBeautiful.com, Country Homes, and personal.


{ L } said...

This post is PERFECT, full of valuable information! Thank you so much. I'm excited to work on my bedroom.

Beautiful Living said...

Wonderful! I'm happy this post was helpful to you. Send along some before and after shots when you're finished, I'd love to see them.

Charlotte said...

House beautiful always blows me away and these photographs are certainly no exception to the rule. I really Love that shoe collection and the colors in that bedroom - make me want to visit the paint store. Have a great weekend!

Beautiful Living said...

Thanks for stopping by Charlotte. the magazine certainly earns its name!

I wrote a post for next week all about color, so I am ready for a paint store visit myself.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Very nice post indeed.

Classic beauty is for me the way to go as well.

If your get a moment-- stop by my spot and enter my 100th post give away!

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Teresa said...

wonderful post- I would so love to have a closet like that- I love shoes.
Thanks for all the tips.
Have a wonderful day

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Stopping by from The Inspired Room. Great tips, I totally agree about the table and chairs and bedside dressers (couldn't do without all the extra storage space and surface space we now have.)

Donna Mac said...

After reading I will now take my old antique vanity out of the attic and add it to my new bedroom furniture and look for a new upholsterd chair to add to it. Although the wood does not match, I will now give it a go!
I have just started reading your blogs and enjoying it. Looking forward to more!

Beautiful Living said...

Wow - I'm so glad this post has inspired all of you! I am happily camped out in my bedroom today enjoying some me time.

Let's see what you end up with Donna...

Thank you all for reading.

The Tablescaper said...

enjoy your lovely room.
- The Tablescaper