February 4, 2010

The Beauty of Stone

So much about design can be found right outside your back door. The colors and textures offer a myriad of choices. Just look at all of the colors you can see in natural stone. The way the light hits a building or wall, the way the rain deepens those colors, opening up even more possibilities. If you're fortunate to live in a stone house, take a look at its distinctive palette and select a favorite that you can use indoors and out.

This beauty is located on the coast of Maine. The lucky owners have a cute little out building too.

This church watches over one of my favorite neighborhoods in Boston.

Inspired? Then check out some color collections I've put together.

Farrow & Ball London Stone 6, BM Aganthus Green 472,
F&B Buff 20, F&B Stone White 11
F&B Vert de Terre 234, BM Bear Creek 1470,
BM Hancock Green HC-117, Donald Kauffman DKC-10
F&B Down Pipe 26, BM Graytint 1611, F&B Green Blue 84,
F&B Light Blue 22

Some images via House Beautiful


All things nice... said...

Old stone buildings are so characterful and there is so craftmanship put into them. If you take an old church built of stone the amount of physical work that went into it is amazing compared to our newer mass production block homes. Each stone had to be carried on site Thanks for sharing :)

All things nice...

Kimberly Merritt said...

I know what you mean. Some buildings have taken decades upon decades to complete - it truly is amazing.

zoekmachine optimalisatie said...

Nice sharing and really awesome designs. It's truly amazing and inspiring.