March 11, 2010

Hello? Your Life is Calling

How many to-do lists do you have going? Life is filled with rounds of laundry, cooking, cleaning – and that’s just at home. But what if you drew two columns on your notepad… alongside the “have to's” would be the “want to's”. Wouldn’t that be great?

This is hardly a new concept. I think everyone is starting to think, “Life is too short. What the heck am I doing here?” Some of us have made our bucket lists and some of us are still hoping that those retirement years (in our late 50s of course), will include endless hours of pure fulfillment.

But reality has a funny way of butting in where it’s not wanted.

A few years back, I read a book by author Marci Alboher titled, One Person, Multiple Careers, and in it she writes that a person who takes on a variety of careers in both happier and healthier. Many of her case studies included people who were working two or more part-time jobs in order to pay the bills, AND achieve greater satisfaction and balance in their lives.

“Slash” careers, as she calls them, allow you to work in related and non-related fields, so you have the opportunity to do many of the things you love. I am a stylist/educator/writer for instance. Other interesting combinations include school teacher/fashion model and real estate broker/art consultant/yoga instructor. It works for me.

I’m looking forward to watching a new series, produced by AARP and hosted by Today Show contributor (and veteran) Jane Pauley, simply titled Your Life Calling. During this series, she will take us into the lives of people who have chosen quality over quantity. (Although the two are not mutually exclusive.)

However, soon-to-be retired people aren’t the only ones who can benefit. My classes are filled with women of all ages (My oldest, and perkiest student was 74 years young!) and from all walks of life who are ready to make a change. One of my favorite classes included a ship’s captain, a police officer, a nurse, an accountant and a teacher. And I’m not kidding.

What did these women have in common? Passion. They we’re willing to take a leap of faith, and we were all along for the ride.

I look forward to the next chapter in my own life. (Although I think it’s time I change up the order once again.) I have dreams and plans I hope to fulfill… but as they say, life is what happens while you make other plans – so I’ll just go along for the ride too.
At least for now.



LiveLikeYou said...

My mother is 75 and just started a new company. We all have to remember it's never too late to do anything we want to do. She always wonders why I complain that I feel old..funny

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Kimberly,
This is such a great post and I agree 100%. In today's world we need to constantmy reinvent ourselves, adding new 'titles'.

I guess I'm a real estate broker/owner/expat in Paris after meeting my honey here/travel business owner now in Paris/ Blogger / wannabe online magazine "launcher" brain works overtime and I can't always keep up!!
Happy Friday

Kimberly Merritt said...

LiveLikeYou - How fabulous that your mother started a company at her age. It's never too late indeed.

BonjourRomance - I think creative people can easily adapt to wearing many hats. However, now we have permission!

Kimberly Merritt said...

It's been almost six years since I posted this. I have taken leaps of faith (worked hard to get healthy)and I'm still working on making my biggest leaps (write more). But what I love is that no matter how many months or years pass, we call all still reach for the one thing that makes us feel alive. I am no longer a designer by choice, although I still dabble as a stylist and teach classes on the subject. I've ended a business relationship to free up time to pursue new passions. It's never too late.