June 16, 2010

Camping for Grown-ups

By all accounts, I'm what you might call an 'indoor girl'. Dressing up each day for work or dinner was part of my regular routine - until I moved to the woods! We built our house on several acres just outside of a beautiful small town, but little did I know that cable television and street lights would become a thing of the past. Instead, I spent my first summer up here listening to the sounds of the coyotes outside my bedroom window, and praying for the loud beeps and constant rush of city traffic instead. However, if you stick a girl in the country long enough, she learns to adapt. If you asked me what my favorite room in my house is right now, I'd tell you it's my porch. I'm taking two-mile walks with hubby through neighboring woods on a regular basis. I've slept under the stars and showered outdoors... and I gotta tell you - I really like it.

Ever since my dad built my sister and me our own little house when we were children, I've been hooked on creating little hide-aways and secret places all my own. I couldn't wait to take my children to see the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse at Disney World, knowing that they would love it as much as I did. As an adult, I've longed for my own 'little house' in my own backyard. I'd even settle for a stylish treehouse like the ones creatively crafted in the movie Robin Hood. And that's when I found these pictures. In my little dream world, there are no creepy crawlies, slithering snakes or rain to spoil the fun - only lots of fresh air and sunshine followed by cool breezes that lull you to sleep. Camping for grown-ups is anything but child's play.

Inspired? If you can't build something as elaborate as the tent structure pictured above, this version uses a simple platform floor instead of decking. If you plan to build a semi-permanent structure, some type of flooring is ideal so you can keep furnishings (and yourself) away from damp grass.

This simple canvas and pole structure can go up in a matter of minutes, and a no-fuss outdoor rug will make it cozy.

Images scanned from my collection


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I'm an indoors kinda guy, too! That said, I do like getting out into the outdoors for fresh air and fun as long as I know I can return to my home comforts...tee hee!

Kimberly Merritt said...

Right back at you Will. You can't forgo the comforts of home. :o)