June 17, 2010


A few years back, I had the opportunity to take an extended vacation with my family and I fell in love. I realized then and there this would become the norm instead of the exception.

We're all working so hard to achieve goals, climb the corporate ladder, and make a living, that we often burn ourselves out before seeing any results. And like many of you, I was/am on that same schedule. But after getting knocked back by the economy, watching my girls grow up much faster than I liked, and realizing success is not about numbers - I said enough.

I had established and sustained a successful business for enough years to learn how to juggle being away, yet still stay in touch. I also learned that it was imperative that I gain a fresh perspective so I could actually run my business more efficiently - and that certainly wasn't happening breaking my neck to meet deadlines. I now know that I NEED the time to re-group, relax, and re-purpose my business and my life.

So what exactly do I do? I completely (or almost completely) unplug. There is no television on my vacation and I keep telephone and computer communication to a minimum. I’ve even decided that this year I’m not going to blog the entire time either. After posting 5 days a week for nearly a year, I gave myself permission to take a break from this, too. Instead, I use this time to write articles, essays, and new curriculum. And I write for pleasure.

Aside from keeping my business running, the whole purpose of this time away is to reconnect with family. We’re all in this together. The girls do not grumble about our time away or complain about my un-plugging "rule"; they cherish it as much as we do. We are all in constant motion swimming in salt and fresh water on a daily basis, and having real conversations whenever we’re not. We see who can read the most books (or pages) in friendly competition. We enjoy long bike rides, soft-serve ice cream at our favorite drive-in, and counting the stars at night.

Time is something we never get back no matter how hard we work. I’m learning to work smarter and enjoy the time I have a little more each day.


Angie said...


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I feel such a strong connection to the words you have written here, Kimberley. I feel like this quite often and really need to appreciate down time with a higher value. Thank you for your wise perspective.


Dee said...

spI too will be unplugging in about a month, just before going back to school. I wish you much joy, rest and rejuvenation!

BonjourRomance said...

Well Said Kimberly. We always have to remember to keep those we love first and foremost! We will miss you but rest assure we'll be here when you return!

Kimberly Merritt said...

I'm glad this post spoke to all of you. I hope you're finding time to do the things that matter most to you!