January 13, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday, the snow started to fall as we lay sleeping in our beds. Schools around the region had already been cancelled the night before, so it wasn’t a big surprise to learn that the girls would be home enjoying the first snow day of the season.

As anyone who works from home knows, having your children around when you’re trying to work is a bit distracting. The excitement of the snow, the possibility of an entire day without having to be someplace, can be too much to bear even for a die-hard worker-bee like me. I really did try to concentrate on the projects I had planned for the day, but the smell of hot chocolate and the brownies baking in the oven started calling to me… Take a break, leave what you’re doing, and join in on the fun.

I felt guilty for “wasting” a day when I had just taken some time off after Christmas – but only for a moment. I gave myself permission to exchange silly jokes with the girls. (They’re usually only one giggle away from a complete laugh-fest, reminding me that laughter truly is the best medicine, and to not take life too seriously on any given day.) I helped poor Cooper out onto the porch, and cleared a path so he could finally relieve himself. (Border Collies are waist-deep in snow before they know it!) I watched the birds huddle together while they took refuge in our apple tree and grabbed a snack before heading back home. I called my friend to find out how she was spending her snow day, and we had one of those lovely talks that only seem to happen out of the blue in our world of, I’ve-got-to-run-I’ll-call you-later. And to top it all off, hubby came home early, and safely, which is always a welcome relief when he’s the one who has to leave.

Snow days are a small gift of time to treasure… when the world stops to let you get off to enjoy the scenery. I’ve learned to embrace these moments. We could all use more of them. And although the snow has finally stopped, and we’re all back to our daily routines, I will look forward to the next snow day, and anticipate an afternoon in my PJ’s with the girls and Cooper by my side. (Maybe we’ll make muffins next time.)


Anonymous said...

You captured the day perfectly. Sometimes I'll even pretend it's a snow day.