October 5, 2011

Halloween Tabletop

Last year, my youngest daughter decided she wanted a Halloween party. The house was already decorated, but I needed to come up with a slightly more formal table display so she and her guests could enjoy their snacks in style. As with all last minute decorating dilemmas, I pulled out what I already had and made a list of items I could find in town for very little money.

To decorate the table, I bought three packages of cheesecloth from the grocery store and a few yards of burlap from the garden center. I didn't cut or iron a thing, but simply layered one material over the other creating the burlap table runner by folding it into thirds.

I'm not a big fan of store-bought treat bags, so I pulled out my ancient stash of paper lunch sacks and some twine. After filling each bag with treats, I rolled the tops of each bag and cinched them with the twine.

Although I did have a few goodies on hand, it wouldn't be very expensive to duplicate this look. Instead of the faux grasses I used in the vase, gather a good handful of branches - with or without leaves - and wrap the stems together. I used addtional cheescloth around the vase, tucking and gathering as I wrapped, and added more twine to the bottom of the vase.

Here's the breakdown:

Cheesecloth - $8

Burlap - $6

Bowls - $1.99 each from Target. Total - $8

Jack-be-little pumpkins - $1 each. Total - $5

Mini skeletons - $1.99 each from Target. Total - $8
Twine - $4 for large roll
Paper bags - $2 per 100

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