July 24, 2012

Do You Re-read Books?

Yes, I'm back from vacation and I'm not too happy about it. Why would I want to give up living outdoors, eating fresh seafood, not adhering to a schedule of any kind, and reading till I can't keep my eyes open? I wouldn't and I don't.

But back I am and it's time to get back to business. The first thing (or almost first thing) I wanted to do is start writing in this blog again, so I'm starting with one of my favorite subjectsreading.

For those of you who have read this blog before, you know that my girls and I have a reading contest each summer while we're away. The first year we held this contest (5 years ago), I won. The girls were obviously much younger then and they had better things to do than stick their noses in a book every 5 minutes like their mom. Then my oldest daughter discovered Harry Potter and she won the reading contest the very next year. Since then, my youngest has blown us both out of the water. But, this year, she really outdid herself. The only rule of this contest is that you can only count the pages you've read while on vacation whether or not you start or finish the book outside of the official time we're away. Are you ready? (Insert drum roll here.) She read 4,222 pages! I don't think we'll ever beat that.

And of the books she brought with her (and some her aunts had given her when she arrived), she took along 4 books she had already read. Not to be outdone, my oldest knew she would be extra happy if Harry Potter came along for the ride, so she packed him up and visited the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry once again (or maybe it was for the third time...). Re-reading books (to us) is like visiting an old friend.

Do you re-read books? We do. Goodnight Moon, Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears... just the children's books alone would fill several pages of a notebook in our home.


Anne said...

I'm forever re-reading books, classics as well as the soppy romantic novels I read in high school and I adore Agatha Christie, so I'm always re-reading her books...

I adore books!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly Merritt said...

Good for you, Anne. Great blog, too. I've posted it to my blog links page. Thank you for visiting again.