August 16, 2012

Scientific Discovery

My youngest daughter loves science. So much so, that's she's thinking about studying marine biology. If you love science too, then you have to check out the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole. We spent a beautiful day there exploring the campus. This research and educational facility attracts students and scientists from all over the world. And if you're watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel right now, you'll no doubt see the MBL listed in the credits for some of their documentaries. These are just some of the photos I took around campus. Thank you Todd, Sonya, and Jamie!

In this beautiful stone building there are tanks filled with different kinds of fish used to research everything from the human nervous system to neurological disorders. Nine 5,000 gallon tanks sit on the roof and continually pump sea water into each one.

Behind the stone building, you'll find a quaint harbor filled with all kinds of boats and, of course, the quintessential gray-shingled homes commonly found up and down the New England coastline.

Don't miss the aquarium while you're there. (It's free!) You'll learn all about the local ocean waters. You can even touch a starfish if you dare. We watched a couple of harbor seals show off as we were leaving to go on more of the tour.

This is Martha's Vineyard. It looks close enough that you could swim across for a visit, but it's better if  you can take the ferry just up the road.


Kristen said...

looks beautiful!