August 20, 2012

Remove Beach Sand in a Snap

A day at the ocean can certainly leave you feeling refreshed, but it can also leave you quite sticky, too. That's why I always pack a bottle of baby powder in my beach bag. Just sprinkle the powder over (and in) every part of your body and voila, no more sand. It absorbs moisture so the sand just slides away. (This is a must if you have little ones in diapers!) And speaking of moisture, it's a great way to cool down your sheets, too. Just dust your sheets on a hot, sticky night and slip right in.

Did you also know it can...
  1. Dry shampoo your pets. Just give them a good rub.
  2. Remove grease stains from clothing. Just rub in and dust off. Repeat if necessary.
  3. Clean your playing cards. Toss cards into a bag and add a little powder and shake away.
  4. Slip on rubber gloves. Dust hands with powder first.
  5. Remove mold from books. Air dry first and then sprinkle powder between pages. Gently brush away powder.
  6. Get rid of ants. Add powder under doors and along window sills.
  7. Untangle a knot in a necklace. It acts as a lubricant.
  8. Fix a squeaky floor. Just apply between floorboards.
Here are some more quick and easy uses for common household items from Good Housekeeping.


Kristen said...

I always use baby powder to get the sand off the girls!

Kimberly Merritt said...

It's a lifesaver. ;O)