December 6, 2012

It's a Blast!

Today, I visited Crotched Mountain to watch my youngest daughter receive an ACE award. (This is a proud mother moment, but I won't brag about it here. Let's just say, she's doing really well.) Now this place is more special to me than ever. Just before the ceremonies got underway, I snapped these photos of the best snow-making in the Northeast. And now they have the first ever high-speed chair lift in southern New Hampshire. It snowed on opening day last Saturday and the mountain was covered with powder. Since then, the warm temperatures have melted it all away, but the guns were blasting full speed this morning. If winter won't come to us, we'll make it ourselves.

The "Rocket", in all its glory, shoots you straight to the top in a third of the time. Visit their website to learn more.