December 20, 2012

Winter Wonderland

The snow started coming down Sunday afternoon just before we finished our shed project. (More on this later.) It started as small, tiny flakes that immediately turned into big, fat, fluffy puffs of snow. Once the ground was covered, Mother Nature decided she should add a little sleet and freezing rain into the mix. So before it all goes away (I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas), I snapped these photos of our backyard. The dogs did a nice job of packing down the snow, don't you think.

A peek through the apple tree and you'll see a glimpse of my window box and wreaths. We finally managed to store some wood nearby for all those cozy fires we love to have.

As I walked past our picture window, I noticed the warm glow from all of the indoor lights and the reflection of the tree lights. Here you can see Santa and pieces of my Christmas village on top of my bookcase and my sideboard.

As I turned to head down the driveway, Cooper and Dante decided they would rather go back inside where it was a lot warmer. The large bushes you see are called "snowmounds" and they line the side yard that separates the house from the driveway. These bushes burst with tiny white flowers in June and look as though they've been covered in snow.

And finally, I wanted to share the latest addition to our family. Since we had so much fun building the pergola over the summer, we finally constructed a shed which my dear husband has wanted for so long. We had just moved things in as the snow started to fall, but I knew something was missing (besides the ramp that still needs to be built)Christmas decorations. So we immediately jumped in the car and bought a strand of white lights and a couple of wreaths to decorate our newest little home.

I'll be taking some time off to enjoy being with my family over the next week or so. Until I return... from my home to yours, I wish you all a blessed holiday season and a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year!


Kristen516 said...

Your home and the snow look beautiful. Love the shed too. have a beautiful and merry Christmas

Kimberly Merritt said...

Thank you, Kristen. Merry Christmas to you and your family.