January 2, 2013


Before you box up those decorations... Get organized. First, take pictures of all your displays if you liked what you did this year so you know exactly where to put things next year. Next, box up decorations by room or even by pieces of furniture. All of my Christmas village pieces are boxed together including the cords, bulbs, and other necessities. Label each box and include a copy of the picture you took in the box for quick reference next year. Now there's no guessing what cord goes with what, how many strands of lights you need, or which hooks are needed for each and every look. (Sorry if this tip is too late to use this year. Bookmark it for next year and you'll be good to go.)

Happy New Year!

Photo: bing.com


Unknown said...

While your ornaments and decorations are out, be sure to photograph or video them for your insurance records. You probably have a lot of money tied up in your decorations...protect your investment.

Kimberly Merritt said...

Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Just in time! I took photos of all the decorations going into the box and taped it on the outside. In the past I have had a written list of items taped on the outside, but I like the photo with the list now. Also, never thought of the insurance angle.